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Command Assault is a fast paced RTS experience, Anime characters, cute female soldiers, sci-fi vehicles, and some unique combat features.


- Three Unique Factions, VISOR and ATLUS and UNION

- No base building, you start with one pre-made base and must defend it at all cost. Defenses such as turrets can be built (And I recommend doing so).

- Most infantry can perform "worker" commands such as building, repairing and harvesting. (elite classes like Field Officers, and Commandos are the exception).

- Standard Grunts are promoted to other advanced classes, then can be promoted to an elite class.

- Transport Heli's can harvest over long distances, and even drop paratroopers!


- Mobile Bases act like movable HQ, can deploy Grunts and Light Vehicles, and act as a drop off point for resources.

- Gatherers can harvest without ever returning to base. Also Infantry can drop resources here.

- High variable damage. Units can do devastating damage or even miss entirely. Strong attack type/Armor type ratios.

- Fast paced combat. Aside from resource requirements, you are free to build any unit available to that faction right from the start. No techtree to progress through, no research to unlock. Just build and GO!

- Gain Bounty rewards for killing enemy units! It financially beneficial to keep on the offensive.

- Unique special abilities, such as Smoke Grenades, EMP Blasts, Decoy Tanks, Paradrop Infantry, Airlift Vehicles, Airstrikes, Orbital Strikes and many more.


Join the discussion on my Discord server: https://discord.gg/BXxgyG7QXJ

Follow Me on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrx9SAwTkCSg9QbKCSL1Lcw


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Do I have to buy the base game to play this mod?

Download it yes. Its free direct from megaglest.org. I think its a dollar on Steam.

the game is free in the web page


Gave it a spin, nice change from any other FOSS RTS played so far!

Thank you for the video! If you ever feel like playing again check out all the promotions for infantry

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As it has Mod in the name, I'm wondering if you need prerequisite software before you can play this or if this is a stand-alone game?

For now yes, you will need Megaglest to play (megaglest.org). You can actually download Command Assault through Megaglest's built in mod Center Now.

Excellent, thanks for the quick response!

No Problem!