A downloadable game for Windows

An alternative story based on Rooster Teeth's web series RWBY. Hybrid of RPG and Beat-Em-Up mechanics. Currently focusing on combat first, so first few builds will be "Survival Mode" with the story coming after.

Feel free to join my discord for this and my other game projects: https://discord.gg/Gz2PBR5SqG

--Note this is a fan project. RWBY is property of Rooster Teeth Productions LLC, and please support the original show. www.roosterteeth.com


Ruby a RWBY Fangame 006 Install.exe 24 MB

Development log


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I can't wait to see more!!

Thank you! Glad you enjoy!

Out of curiosity, what all is planned for this game?


The "actual game" is the story mode and its planned to be more like an JRPG with the battles much like survival mode. The biggest thing i want to implement is fights vs other huntsmen, so that this game isn't Grimm Eclipse 2D :P